The Wagner Family

You can find us nestled in between the Coastal Range Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Mike and Brittney are lifetime residents of Curry County, residing in Sixes Oregon with their three children: Kylie, Sarah and Warren.

Brittney’s Agriculture background started at a young age working for the Knapp family, building the relationship that now allows us to purchase the majority of our cattle directly from them for our finishing program After high school she briefly moved away to Eastern Oregon, attending BMCC for Ag Business and working at various ranches. Upon returning to the coast she worked part time for the Knapp family as well as the McKenzie’s while also raising small children.
Mike jumped right into the Timber Industry directly out of high school, but spent his childhood helping out on the McKenzie Ranch. He now earns a living falling Timber full time while helping out with the cattle after work.

Coastal Range Meat is a small family owned business dedicated to producing premium beef. In the summer of 2020 we were finishing 2 steers for ourselves and a friend, word got out and we had people lined up asking to purchase beef from us. We saw there was a hole in the local agriculture industry, no one was producing grain finished beef. Seeing the demand, we took this as an opportunity to create and operate a small scale, grain finishing operation. We put our first 6 cattle on grain fall of 2020 and started selling our first beef January 1, 2021.

We are first generation meat producers but we take great pride in our business and producing top shelf beef that we can sell directly to our customers. Our dedication to proper nutrition and humane handling practices makes our beef something you don’t want to miss out on.

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Our Cattle

Our primary focus has started to shift more to Black Angus Cattle. We have found, in our climate, they gain and finish faster than some other breeds.

We are very fortunate to get the opportunity to purchase 99% of our cattle from Knapp Cattle Inc. This 5th generation ranch, then a dairy, was established in 1912. Located on the mouth of the Elk River it provided fertile soil and plenty of rain, perfect conditions for abundant amounts of feed for livestock. As well as having Dairy cattle the Knapp family also owned 1000 head of sheep as well as beef cattle. In the 1940s they purchased their 2nd ranch in Langlois, Oregon. In the 1990s both ranches made the switch to being Beef cattle only. Running mostly Angus and Angus/Hereford cows with Angus, Hereford and Charlois bulls.

The ranch is now run by Jeremy and Jamey Knapp along with their two sons, Logan and Tristan. The Knapp’s are dedicated to producing cattle that anyone would be proud of. Animal health and good genetics are a top priority at this ranch making it the perfect place to source our cattle from to produce premium beef for our customers.

Pasture Raised Pork

Coming Soon!

Raised 100% outdoors, our pigs are rotationally grazed while being supplemented with feed and specialized minerals needed to thrive.

We dreamed up a plan for these hogs, clearing brush and tilling up our hard clay soil before then feeding families.

We can't wait to offer this Pork to our customers.